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Information Technology and Information Systems Research Center
"Wealth of incredibly rich, useful and interesting information" - CIO

900 Latest Articles on Information Technology Systems
2,500 Information Technology Systems Concepts
Information Technology & Information Systems Glossary of 2,500 Terms: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Research Portals on 2,500 Information Technology & Information Systems Terms
900 Latest Articles on Information Technology & Information Systems
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Reference & Research On Information Technology & Information Systems
Key Topics: Portals · Applications

Research Portals on Selected Topics

Information Systems · Operations Research · Decision Sciences · Management Science
Information Systems Research · Information Systems Theory · Information Systems Journals
Enterprise Architecture · IT Architecture · Data Architecture
Information Systems Evaluation · Capability Maturity Model · IT Spending · IS Quality
Information Systems Acceptance · IT Acceptance · IT Adoption · IT Diffusion
IT Productivity · IS Productivity · Information Technology ROI
Strategic Information Systems · Executive Information Systems · Decision Support Systems
Group Decision Support Systems · Management Information Systems · Transaction Processing Systems
Human Computer Interaction · Computer-Mediated Communication
Computer Supported Cooperative Work · Collaborative Computing
Information Resource Management · Data Management
Data Warehousing · Data Mining · Data Communications
Systems Theory · Information Theory · Systems Analysis · Systems Design
Object-Oriented Design · Object-Oriented Computing · Object-Oriented Systems
Joint Application Design · Rapid Application Development · Extreme Programming
Computer-Aided Software Engineering · Software Engineering
End User Computing · Informatics · Cybernetics
Artificial Intelligence · Expert Systems
Hypermedia · Multimedia

Industrywise Applications

*Information Systems (IS)
*Decision Support Systems (DSS)
*Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Working Knowledge: Think! Apply!

"Knowledge carries with it both a tremendous joy and a great despair - a joy of being at one with a whole area of living human activity, and a great despair in recognizing how little this oneness really is compared to what it might be."
- Charles West Churchman in The Design of Inquiring Systems: Basic Concepts of Systems and Organization, Basic Books, New York, NY, p. 11.

900 Latest Articles & Reports on Information Technology & Information Systems
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