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Reference & Research On Information Technology & Information Systems
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Research Portals on Selected Topics

Information Systems · Operations Research · Decision Sciences · Management Science
Information Systems Research · Information Systems Theory · Information Systems Journals
Enterprise Architecture · IT Architecture · Data Architecture
Information Systems Evaluation · Capability Maturity Model · IT Spending · IS Quality
Information Systems Acceptance · IT Acceptance · IT Adoption · IT Diffusion
IT Productivity · IS Productivity · Information Technology ROI
Strategic Information Systems · Executive Information Systems · Decision Support Systems
Group Decision Support Systems · Management Information Systems · Transaction Processing Systems
Human Computer Interaction · Computer-Mediated Communication
Computer Supported Cooperative Work · Collaborative Computing
Information Resource Management · Data Management
Data Warehousing · Data Mining · Data Communications
Systems Theory · Information Theory · Systems Analysis · Systems Design
Object-Oriented Design · Object-Oriented Computing · Object-Oriented Systems
Joint Application Design · Rapid Application Development · Extreme Programming
Computer-Aided Software Engineering · Software Engineering
End User Computing · Informatics · Cybernetics
Artificial Intelligence · Expert Systems
Hypermedia · Multimedia

Industrywise Applications

*Information Systems (IS)
*Decision Support Systems (DSS)
*Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Working Knowledge: Think! Apply!

"The battlefield of life is money. Instead of horses and chariots, guns and fortresses, there are banks, checkbooks, credit cards, mortgages, salaries, the IRS. But the inner enemies remain the same now as they were in ancient India or feudal Japan: fear, self-deception, vanity, egoism, wishful thinking, tension, and violence."
- Jacob Needleman in Money & the Meaning of Life

900 Latest Articles & Reports on Information Technology & Information Systems
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